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Christopher J. Coulson, MAHPP
Eating Disorders Coach

Eating disorders coaching can provide the support, strength and guidance necessary to complete a full recovery.

The shedding of an eating disorder is not a simple process: it is as complex as those who, quite unconsciously, adopt the disorder in the first place. Here we look at:

Where did it all begin?

Your own eating behavior arose naturally within the unique environment of your life. This environment, with its mix of people, things, and psychological dynamics, possesses its own inertia, resisting your drive to change.

As an eating disorders coach, I can add my strength to your own efforts, helping you shift the balance of your life permanently in a favorable direction.

The form of eating disorders coaching I practice is client-centered. This means that you, as the client, set the agenda, direct our process, and provide the material for our work. I will follow you, though not necessarily without question, wherever you lead.

There are powerful reasons for having you set the agenda:

  • Only you 'know' what your true path is intended to be. I can only help you make that path clear to yourself.
  • Fundamental change can only be sustained if it is aligned with our true selves.

Therefore, if sustainable change is what you desire the direction has to come from you. It is part of my task to stay out of your way while facilitating and encouraging your discovery process.


Is coaching for you?

Not everyone is ready for a coaching relationship alone. Just as it is your own essential self that sets your direction for change, so it is your circumstances that should determine how you approach your recovery.

For example, if you are in the beginning stages of dealing with your disorder you may well need a combination of services, including:

Hospitalization, if your physical condition is very grave;

Weight restoration to improve health, mood, and cognitive functioning;

Medication to relieve depression and anxiety;

Dental work to repair damage and minimize future problems;

Individual counseling to develop healthy ways of taking control;

Group counseling to learn how to manage relationships effectively;

Family counseling to change old patterns and create healthier new ones;

Nutritional counseling to debunk food myths and design healthy meals;

Support groups to break down isolation and alienation.

Throughout the recovery process, I can be a powerful ally, helping you to maximize the return you obtain from your investment in other resources.

As part of the recovery process, eating disorders coaching helps you focus on those things that define your uniqueness and constitute your strengths. By expressing these "true to yourself" qualities in daily life you gain a sense of unity, of worth, of power.

These then lead to inner contentment, more fulfilling relationships, greater recognition and healthier ways of being. As your confidence and success in the external world grows, your need to quiet your inner clamor through eating-related behaviors diminishes.


Beyond eating issues

You are unique. Your situation is unique. Your uniqueness makes you and your contribution to the world vital and irreplaceable. We need you.

When you act from your uniqueness, in a way that is self-determined, you are more attractive, more confident and more successful. Your personal success then benefits the rest of us.

Accordingly, a major goal of eating disorders coaching is to do more than help you move beyond a difficult and counterproductive behavior. It also provides you with an experienced mentor who can work with you on all the issues that affect your daily success and sense of well-being.

These issues could range from developing your own unique philosophy and life strategy to how to handle the unreasonable friend, or competition at work or school.

Keywords for this aspect of coaching include: change, fulfillment, development, congruence, consistency, strength, growth, transformation and discovery.

In addition, eating disorders coaching develops your awareness and self-confidence, giving you a reliable inner strength that enables you to handle yourself more effectively no matter what the circumstances. You will explore the realities of power in different groups and learn to identify and work with the underlying dynamics of given situations.

Keywords for this aspect of coaching include: excellence, performance, productivity, influence, effectiveness, achievement and decision-making.

In general, your coaching can provide:

  • A steady diminishment in the power of your eating behavior
  • A greater sense of purpose in life.
  • The ability to respond more rapidly and effectively to given situations.
  • Improved relationships of all types.
  • Heightened emotional intelligence.
  • Clarity of vision and life focus.
  • More rapid and easier transition through life and career changes.
  • Greater confidence to take on more rewarding challenges.
  • Release from inhibiting and self-defeating behavior.
  • Reinforcement of your own motivation and determination.
  • An understanding of your own dynamics so you may recognize those of others and work more effectively.
  • The freedom to see yourself as totally justified in your desires, feelings, and actions.
  • A powerful sense of integrity.

As your coach and collaborator, I contribute:

  • The creation and maintenance of a growth environment.
  • Constructive feedback and observations on your way of operating.
  • My commitment, belief, skills, life experience, knowledge and humor.
  • Insight into your unconscious motivation and that of those around you.
  • Suggested avenues for you to explore.
  • The presence and security of a partner.
  • Creative stimulus.
  • Mutual celebration of your successes.
  • Decision-making support.
  • Dedication to your success.

As you can see, it is your whole life that is the focus of our work, rather than just your eating disorder. Of course, your difficulties with food are an important factor in your life but it is not useful to concentrate on them to the exclusion of all else. By building your resources in other ways you are enabled to let the eating behavior go without risk to your essential self.

True success in eating disorders coaching depends on the right chemistry between client and coach. With one coach your gains could be much greater than with another.

You can find out if we have a match, risk free, by contacting me now to arrange your free exploratory visit or 'phone call. Email me or 'phone me: my contact details are below:

Christopher J. Coulson


Toll-free (N. America): 1-866-761-1392
Freephone (UK): 0800-949-6030
Worldwide: +44-(0)1202-540732

Mailing Address:

89 Commercial Rd Ste: 153
Bournemouth, BH2 5RR, UK

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Photograph courtesy of Philip Greenspun.

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