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Christopher J. Coulson, MAHPP
Eating Disorders Coach

This page is rather heavy going but it does contain important information about the basis of our working arrangement. It also tells you who to get in touch with if you are dissatisfied with my service.

Ethical Considerations:

I am a member of the American Counseling Association (ACA), the International Association for Marriage and Family Counselors (IAMFC), and the United Kingdom Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners (UKAHPP). I am also a professional member of the US Association for Humanistic Psychology (AHP).

I am registered as a psychotherapist and group psychotherapist by the United Kingdom Council on Psychotherapy (UKCP), the UK national governing board for psychotherapy.

I am registered as a counselor by the United Kingdom Register of Counselors (UKRC), the UK national register for accredited counselors.

I practice under the Codes of Ethics and Practice published by the UKAHPP. These codes conform to the guidelines laid down by the, the ACA, the UKCP, and the UKRC.


Types of eating disorders coaching, counseling and psychotherapy available:

Note: services are available in telephone or email formats, or in a combination of these.

  • Eating disorders coaching for adults, partners, and adolescents
  • Individual psychotherapy for adults and adolescents
  • Counseling for adults, couples and adolescents



  • A full session is of 50 minutes duration.

Regular times for sessions are agreed at the start of the working arrangement. These times remain yours unless changed by mutual agreement. Full sessions begin at ten minutes past the hour and end on the hour. Sessions end on the hour even if they start late unless I am the cause of the lateness. Where sessions are of less than an hour, as in mixed-format arrangements, the start and finish times are mutually determined.


Fees (at 3/2008):

  • A 50-minute session fee, with email support, is $120.00. This includes the cost of the telephone call if the client is accessed via landline in the UK, USA, or most other places.
  • Mixed-format sessions are calculated on a pro-rata basis. A typical coaching mix would include a 25-minute telephone session a week plus emails and short 'phone calls for $520.00 per month.
  • When email is used as the primary mode of communication, each exchange costs $60.00.




Fees are payable in full at the end of each session unless otherwise agreed.

Payments may be made by check or major credit card. Exact arrangements will be agreed at the onset of a working agreement.


Credit Cards

Credit card payments can be made directly through this web site: just click here or on the image of credit cards in the navigation column to be taken to the relevant page. Alternatively, you can pass your card number to me over the 'phone. Then each month we will agree the fees for that payment period and this amount will be collected against your credit card number.

Credit cards are billed as "Christopher J. Coulson".



In the event that I am unable to provide the service as promised, you will receive a refund check for the undelivered time. Should you find our work unsatisfactory after a period of time, you will receive a refund of the last session's payment. This will be understood to terminate our working relationship.


Emergency calls:

Clients not on a mixed-format arrangement may occasionally telephone at times other than their regular hours if they need to. Reasonable time spent on such calls will not be charged for.


Cancellation Policies:

The client can discontinue the working arrangement at any time on 24 hours' notice. However, it is usually regarded as good practice to discuss the ending of a working relationship some time before it takes place. This allows time to arrive at a satisfactory resolution and conclusion.

Individual sessions may be canceled by clients without charge provided that 24 hours' notice is given. If preferred, and if time is available, clients can reschedule their session to a different time. In the event of a late cancellation due to weather conditions a half fee is payable.



I may discuss matters relating to yourself in the confidential context of 'supervision' (described in the next paragraph) unless you specifically request otherwise. With this exception, anything you say or do during sessions is held in complete confidence and will not be repeated without your explicit permission. Clients are not bound by such confidentiality and may therefore discuss their work with whom they choose. Couples form their own agreements covering the confidentiality of each other's material.



Supervision is a professional practice designed to extend a practitioner's understanding. The practitioner discusses specific client issues with one or more colleagues in order to gain additional insight. When a client's material is used in this process the client is disguised by changing names and other identifying information. Supervision itself is conducted under strict confidentiality.


Note taking:

I take no notes other than basic name, address and family data and a record of session dates and payments.

You can explore these matters further by scheduling a free exploratory visit or 'phone discussion. Email me, or 'phone me toll-free from the USA or UK. My contact details are below:

Christopher J. Coulson


Toll-free (N. America): 1-866-761-1392
Freephone (UK): 0800-949-6030
Worldwide: +44-(0)1202-540732

Mailing Address:

89 Commercial Rd Ste: 153
Bournemouth, BH2 5RR, UK

Privacy-protected email:
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Copyright © 2001-2011 Christopher J. Coulson. Information on this web site may be viewed and downloaded free of charge by individuals seeking coaching, counseling or personal therapy. For all other uses of this web site, prior permission of Christopher J. Coulson is required.